ZTAG Applicator with Flip Pin for 1pc No Snag Ear Tags
$ 24.95
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Z1 No-Snag-Tagger

Description: ZTag 1 pc applicator is designed for fast and easy tagging this unique tag applicator has a pivoting applicator pin that makes loading easy and eliminates ripped ears.

Key Benefits:


Retention starts with proper application -It’s a proven fact: better tag retention starts with better application. 

Promotes faster healing and improved tag retention -Z Tags unique cutting tip makes a small incision that heals quickly and snugly around the tag stem. 

Delivers legendary readability and durability - Z Tags gives you the choice of laser printing, hot-stamp printing and do-it-yourself marking to match your personal preference. Regardless of which one you choose, you can rest assured that your Z Tags will remain readable for years to come