We are Valley Farm Supply, LLC.

Valley Farm Supply is a direct source for your livestock weighing, watering, and electric fence needs. We only offer quality brands of electric fence chargers, solar fence chargers. battery fence chargers, energizers, cattle scales, cattle waterers, wire, netting, fence insulators, hardware, poliwire, politape, high tensile wire, wildlife fence, horse fence, gates, electric fence tools, strainers, polirope, equibraid, reels, fence testers, grounding parts, solar panels, fencing materials, seed, equine items and farm supplies. Please ask if we can supply your farm or ranch with the things you need to be successful.

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With a reputation forged by 80 years of electric fencing experience, Speedrite by Tru-Test Group remains the brand that farmers can trust. Tru-Test Group, the company behind Speedrite, is a world leader in electric fencing and traditional fencing tools, helping ensure animals are contained and pastures are managed for sustainable, profitable results. The company is also the world’s leading manufacturer of livestock weigh scale indicators and milk metering equipment. Almost four out of every five livestock weigh scales and milk meters sold in the world today bear the name Tru-Test. Tru-Test Group brands are available in over 100 countries.

What we really do?

We are a direct source for your livestock electric fencing needs. We offer Speedrite fence chargers to professional farmers, ranchers as well as hobby farmers. Enjoy our comprehensive website and secure order form. It is designed to help you in your buying needs. If you can’t find an item you need, contact us and we will try to find it for you

History of the Company

We have used and sold Speedrite Fence Chargers since their 2004. They are manufactured by Tru-Test, a world leader of superior quality fence chargers. With more than 70 years of electric fencing experience, they know what it takes to be successful, and what is right when it comes to your electric fencing needs.

Our Vision

Valley Farm Supply is focused on proving the same high level of customer service, quality products, and low wholesale prices that customers have become accustomed to. We pride ourselves in quick service by providing same day shipping for in-stock items.

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For further assistance call Valley Farm Supply at 717-786-0368 For a faster response please email us at sales@speedritechargers.com Local Pickup by Appointment Only.


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