Electric Fence Connectors

H.D. Ground Rod Clamp

HEAVY DUTY GROUND ROD CLAMP     Heavy duty ground rod clamp made for easy...

$ 5.29
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3-Hole Wire Twisting Tool

Gallagher 3-Hole Wire Twisting Tool     Features 4 1/2" Long Galvanized For twisting high...

$ 5.99
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Split Bolt Wire Connectors

Split Bolt Wire Connectors  Features 5 Pack Connects high tensile or regular wire with jumper...

$ 9.89
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10" Brace Pins, 10 Pack

10" BRACE PINS     Galvanized brace pins for fence construction in 10"lengths 10 Pack...

$ 9.99
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Speedrite 3 Way Gate Activator | 2 Pack

Speedrite Gate Activator - 2 Pack Features 3 connection points for flexibility. For use with...

$ 10.99
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Electric Fence Jumpers for All Speedrite Energizers | Free USA Shipping

Jumper Leads are used to ensure quality connections in temporary fencing. They work with poliwire,...

$ 14.97
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Speedrite Extreme Cut-out Switch

Extreme Speedrite Electric Fence Cut-out Switch Cut-out switch with long life stainless steel contacts. Use to...

$ 14.99
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Equi-Fence Joiners

 EQUI-FENCE JOINER 3 PACK     Features Join conductive EquiFence or 12.5 Gauge wire without...

$ 16.59
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Fence Leads for Patriot Energizers | Free USA Shipping

Replacement leads to connect energizer to the fence and ground. Fits most Patriot models including Solar...

$ 24.97
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100, 12.5 Ga Crimp Sleeves

Bottle of 100, 12.5 GA CRIMP SLEEVES   Galvanized Long Crimp sleeves are used for...

$ 25.99
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100 Fence Jumper Taps

ELECTRIC FENCE JUMPER TAPS     Galvanized fence taps used for connecting “jumper” wires to...

$ 27.99
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25 Standard Joint Clamps

Hexagonal Joint Clamp     Features Ensures excellent electrical connections for good conductivity and effective...

$ 28.99
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100' Insulating Tubing

INSUL-TUBE INSULATING TUBING 100' COIL     Insulated tubing can be used in many custom...

$ 29.95
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25 L-Shape Joint Clamps

L-shape Joint Clamps     Features Ensures excellent electrical connections for good conductivity and effective...

$ 30.99
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100' Leadout Wire

100' Underground Lead Out Cable       Insulated with 12.5 gauge galvanized wire Use...

$ 35.99
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Ground Rod Kit For Electric Fence Chargers

Complete 3-Ground Rod Kit for Electric Fence Energizers   Features Contains three 5' - 6' galvanized...

$ 65.99
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3000, 12.5 Ga Crimp Sleeves | Free Shipping

30 Bottles of 12.5 GA CRIMP SLEEVES   Free USA Shipping! Galvanized Long Crimp sleeves are...

$ 679.50
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