Speedrite Chargers

We are Valley Farm Supply. We are a direct source for your livestock fencing needs. We offer SPEEDRITE fence chargers to professional farmers, ranchers as well as hobby farmers. We also handle Patriot, Cyclops, Parmak, Gallagher, and other brands of electric fence chargers, fencing materials, seed, equine items and farm supplies. Please ask if we can supply your farm with the things you need to be successful. We have used and sold speedrite Fence Chargers since their introduction. They are manufactured by Tru-Test, a world leader of superior quality fence chargers. With over 65 years of electric fencing experience, they know what it takes to be successful, and what is right when it comes to your electric fencing needs. speedrite fence chargers are high quality New Zealand made low impedance energizers at an American price. This “go-anywhere” electric fence charger can be used for any type of livestock. They are available in several dual purpose models. Using the power adaptor supplied, the speedrite can be connected to 110 Volt line input. Alternatively, by using the battery leads supplied the speedrite charger can be powered by a 12 Volt battery. Speedrites come with a two year factory warranty. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all speedrite electric fence energizers in the United States. We also ship Worldwide.


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