Tru-Test Electric Fence Monitoring Launch Pack
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Tru-Test Electric Fence Monitoring Launch Pack 

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Each smart fencing system is comprised of a 1 - Fence Gateway and 1 - Node

(Part # 1 - 880 0004-541 + 1 - 880 0004-540).

Solar-powered nodes, placed at maximum 1,640' increments along the fence line of Fence Gateway or another Node, continuously measure voltage and report it to the Fence Gateway. 
The Fence Gateway is placed outside, near a house or shed, and communicates to the Datamars Livestock: Farm Management App. 
After installment, the producer can set up alerts when voltage drops below a minimum level. When this occurs, the node communicates a general location of the potential problem to your smart phone, reducing time spent trying to locate faults. 
Extend sections monitored by adding nodes; one Fence Gateway, up to 50 Nodes per system. 

Tru-Test Fence Gateway and one Node


  • Instant voltage readings via smart phone
  • Works with any brand of energizer
  • Nodes record up to 12,000V
  • Up to 1,640ft of radio frequency per Node within line of slight
  • Extend sections monitored by adding nodes; 1 Fence Gateway & up to 50 Nodes per system
  • Ability to cover large areas of land; designed for remote locations
  • Only brand-independent system available
  • Cloud-based data storage; 24/7 fence coverage and access
  • Fence Gateway connects by WiFi or Ethernet
  • Easy update process
  • Programmable Firmware upgrades
  • UV stabilized hardware
  • Tough weatherproof enclosure; durable and made to last
  • LEDs & in app instructions for easy install
  • 100-240 V power adaptor for continuous operation

Tru-Test Electric Fence Monitoring Launch Pack

Trutest electric fence monitoring launch pack

*Works with any brand of Energizer 

- Has large coverage area 

- Works regardless of weather condition 

- No subscription necessary 

- radio frequency communication (no cell signal required)

This kit includes: Fence Gateway, Solar Powered Node, and Hardware

3 year warranty



Real time fence monitoring for real peace of mind

Tru-Test Fence Monitoring keeps your livestock or crops safe by monitoring voltage on different points of the fence in real-time.

Focus on more important tasks on your farm, with the confidence that you’ll be instantly alerted if something goes wrong.

Access real-time cloud data with 24/7 access on the web or your mobile to ensure your electric fence is performing correctly.

Tru-Test Fence Monitoring can be used with any energizer and uses easy-to-install gateways and fence nodes.


Maintaining and monitoring electric fencing is a manual and time-consuming task, so trust Tru-Test to do the monitoring for you.

Our Fence Monitoring solution will alert you instantly if there are any issues on your fence, preventing livestock escaping and causing further issues.

Fence Monitoring provides and stores vital information like fence performance trends to determine when maintenance is required.

The system allows for 50 Fence Monitoring nodes, and you can install key fence sections across your farm. To extend the number of fence sections simply add more nodes.

Keep your fence performance close at hand with 24/7 app alerts

  • Fence Nodes record fence voltage 24/7
  • Cloud data storage and 24/7 access from anywhere on mobile and web
  • Firmware upgrades programmed over the air
  • Allows for 50 Fence Monitoring Nodes per system
  • Install at key fence sections across your farm
  • Easily extend the number of fence sections and farm area monitored by adding more nodes †
  • Works with any energizer

†Up to 50 Fence Nodes are allowed per system. Nodes can be installed up to 1640 ft apart (line of sight). Each node must be connected to the fence and earth/ground to measure fence voltage.